Gateway City Packages

A guide to how we can help organize your trips in and around Canada’s main cities.

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When travelling in Canada, there are a number of gateway cities from coast to coast where your trip begins.

Canadian Travel Partners offers professional destination management services for travellers to all Canadian gateways and is ideally suited to design your personal gateway city program.

Our Gateway City Packages let you savour the unique flair of a city and experience its many sights and attractions, either with a local guide or as an independent travel program.  

The following Gateway City Collection showcases just some of the many services and choices available for you to build a city program that allows you to experience Canada at its best.

Many such services include:

      • Hotel Bookings
      • Attraction Bookings
      • Activity Suggestions
      • Tour Guide services for City Tours or Full Day Excursions
      • Restaurant Reservations (if requested early enough)
      • Car or RV Rentals
      • Transfer Services:
          • Meet & Greet at Airport with Tour Guide and transfer assistance to hotel
          • Individual, private transfers by private sedan, limousine, SUV or van
          • Group transfer services including Meet & Greet with Tour Guide and transfer from Airport, cruise ship terminal to hotel downtown or vice versa

Enjoy these city packages as stand-alone programs or as an extension to another trip component, like a cruise, a rail journey or any other trip.

All listed gateway itineraries can always be customized to your preferences and can be used for individual or group travel.


Vancouver is considered by many as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The Pearl of Pacific, how the city is often amicably called, is a natural gateway for travelers seeking extraordinary travel experiences.

What makes this city so unique is the nature and outdoor activities that is so accessible throughout the city. Surrounded by inlets that lead into the Pacific Ocean, Vancouver features many water activities while also boasting many hiking options with its temperate rainforest and three iconic mountains overlooking the city from the North Shore.  The city itself is filled with diversity and cultures from around the world. Districts like Gastown, Chinatown, or Granville Island showcase these cultures through and are must see places. While iconic landmarks like Stanley Park make for memorable experiences as you bike or walk along the seawall and take in the views of the city.

Vancouver is a must-visit location and should be paired with those departing on an Alaska cruise, or a rail journey through Canada’s Rocky Mountains.


A natural gateway for any Western Canada trip, Alberta’s legendary hospitality and Calgary’s palpable sense of energy greets visitors as they begin their trip and often journey towards the Rocky Mountains.

Calgary is a city where contemporary meets historic western roots, and is filled with dynamic experiences and must-see attractions. Its largest claim to fame is the the iconic and extraordinary Calgary Stampede that takes place annually in July. This event is more than just a show, it is a celebration of culture and heritage with people all over the world wanting to participate in this atmosphere that lasts for days. There is bull-riding, chuck wagon racing, performances, fireworks, an amusement park, dozens of food vendors, and this is just inside the Stampede grounds, the rest of the city if celebrating dancing to country music, while wearing their Cowboy hat and boots. This an extraordinary event you don’t want to miss.


Toronto is Canada’s largest city, boasting a population of nearly 3 million people. Located on the shore of Lake Ontario, this cosmopolitan city is filled with diversity and home to many different cultures. Towering skyscrapers fill the sky, but none stand out more than the iconic CN Tower, the largest building in the Western Hemisphere. Visitors to Toronto often find themselves exploring the modern shopping districts, enjoying the night life, or enthusiastically cheering at the many events that take place year round. From sporting events, to theatre shows, to the annual Toronto Film Festival, there is always something to see when in Toronto. 


Montreal is the largest city in Quebec and often the main gateway for international travelers arriving from Europe. It is also Canada’s largest francophone city and welcomes visitors with a metropolitan flair and an intriguing French “joie de vivre” atmosphere.  

Often described as a city where European roots meets North American influence, this combination is evident throughout the culture and architecture. Enjoy the shopping district along the famous Rue Sainte-Catherine, visit the historic Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal, walk through Old Montreal, or enjoy some fine dining in world renown restaurants, the city truly complements the old with the new.

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