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If you are dreaming of a Wildlife Safari adventure in Canada, you have come to the right place. Canada is abundant with wildlife and is home to black bears, grizzly bears, polar bears, moose, elk, deer, and caribou, just to name a few. Canada’s ocean waters teem with seals, whales and other marine wildlife.

CANADIAN TRAVEL PARTNERS creates unforgettable journeys for group tour and individual travellers that let you experience some of Canada’s most magnificent wildlife in their natural habitat as part of a genuine wildlife safari.

Let our expert travel team recommend and arrange for your wildlife safari in Canada and create a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife experience.

Grizzly Bears

Grizzly Bear viewing safaris have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in British Columbia’s coastal regions bordering the Great Bear Rainforest. Nowhere else are grizzly bears seen so prominently as on BC’s coastal mainland when they descend from the mountains to the rivers during the salmon spawning season.

Witness one of nature’s most thrilling spectacles by watching grizzly bears feed on salmon during the salmon spawning season in late summer/ early fall.

Please find a list of locations below where Grizzly Bear viewing Safaris take place from:

Campbell River, BC

This full-day Grizzly Bear viewing tour departing from Campbell River on Vancouver Island is a trip of a lifetime and will let you observe grizzly bears in the spectacular wilderness of the remote Bute Inlet at the southern tip of the Great Bear Rainforest.  The area is renowned as one of the best places to see Grizzly Bears in their natural habitat

Campbell River Grizzly Bear Expedition to Bute Inlet

Duration: 7-8 hours
Season: September to Mid-October
Transportation: Boat

The tour starts with a 2-hour adventure by boat through some of the most spectacular coastal scenery to reach the Orford Valley, located on BC’s mainland coast. Towering mountain peaks and glacial fjords mark the scenery. When you reach Bute Inlet, you are welcomed to the traditional territory of the Homalco First Nations by indigenous Homalco guides who will host this part of the tour and share their insight into their culture and stewardship role.  You will explore the Orford River valley from secure and specially designed bear viewing platforms, situated along the river for maximum bear observation.

Here, you’ll have a rare chance to witness grizzly bears feasting on spawning salmon in the Orford River. Spend three hours in the river valley at different bear viewing platforms observing the grizzly bears before embarking on your return trip. Enjoy a boxed lunch after your tour and a comfortable cruise back through the majestic Bute Inlet and the picturesque Discovery Islands aboard the heated, covered boat.

Telegraph Cove, BC

Telegraph Cove is a small hidden cove off Johnstone Strait on the Northeastern end   of Vancouver Island, about one hour driving time south of Port Hardy. It is a community of about 20 inhabitants and was a former fishing and cannery village. Today the village is famous for the Orca rubbing beaches at Robson Bight.

Telegraph Cove Grizzly Bear Expedition

Duration: 8-9 hours
Season: Mid-May to October
Transportation: Boat 

Journey into the Knight Inlet to see Grizzly Bears. Leave onboard a covered vessel with knowledgeable, experienced, naturalist/certified bear guides. Enjoy a light breakfast while navigating through Broughton Archipelago, a maze of largely uninhabited islands and islets,   rocks and reefs that effectively choke off the mouth of the mighty Knight Inlet. 200 years later in 1992, it was designated as BC’s largest marine park.

With 15 years of exploring the hidden habitat of the Knight Inlet grizzly bears, guides gained the knowledge of where the bears are in any given season, meaning a fantastic bear viewing experience for you.

A healthy lunch is also included with this tour.

Knight Inlet Lodge, BC

Located 80 kilometers north of Campbell River, BC, lies the wild and remote area of the Great Bear Rainforest known as Knight Inlet. As the longest fjord on the B.C. coast, Knight Inlet offers visitors spectacular coastal scenery with glacial fjords set against the backdrop of dramatic mountain peaks. It’s a place of immense beauty where the calm of the temperate rainforest meets the power of thundering glacier-fed waterfalls.

Knight Inlet Lodge Grizzly Bear Expedition

Duration: 7-9 hours
Season: Mid-August to Mid-October
Transportation: Boat (option for Float Plane to Lodge)

Knight Inlet Lodge is a floating 4-star lodge tucked into remote Glendale Cove, a protected anchorages in the inlet, and the starting point for spectacular wilderness excursions into grizzly bear territory. Packages range from two-nights accommodation to 4-6 night packages.

Depending on the time of year, grizzly bears are observed from the boat or from viewing stands.  In spring and summer, tours are enjoyed from the comfort and safety of the boat to get close to the shore (50 meters) for a good view of the bears feeding. In late August, viewing stands enable visitors to get a closer view although sometimes tours continue by boat as well. Guest safety is of utmost importance during any viewing program. All tours strive to see the bears in their natural environment without having a negative impact on them.

Sonora Resort, BC

Grizzly bear viewing tours are one of the many outstanding adventures activities offered at the luxury 5-star Sonora Resort located off the coast of Vancouver Island. Guests at the all-inclusive resort (part of the Relais & Châteaux Hotel group) will enjoy not only the spectacular pristine setting of the resort with luxurious accommodations and an extraordinary level of comfort, but also a variety of eco-tours and activities include bear viewing tours, whale watching and wildlife marine tours, and salmon fishing.

Sonora Resort Grizzly Bear Expedition

Duration: 4-5 hours
Season: Mid-August to Mid-October
Transportation: Boat (option for Float Plane to Lodge)

Bear-viewing tours takes place in the Orford River in Bute Inlet where grizzly bears are observed as they descend on the Orford River during the salmon spawning season.   An experienced Homalco First Nations guide will welcome and guide you, first by vehicle, through beautiful moss-covered rainforests to various viewing platforms set up on the banks of the river. Throughout the tour, guides will share their knowledge about the bears, salmon, and the rich culture of the Homalco people and their ties to the land.

Port Hardy, BC

This tour departs from Port Hardy, the largest community in the Northern part of Vancouver Island. Port Hardy is the northernmost point of the Island Highway (Hwy 19), site of the regional airport and the starting point for the BC Ferries Inside Passage route to Prince Rupert.

Right at the doorsteps of the town you enter remote coastal wilderness, rain forests with abundant wildlife. Join professional naturalists in search of black bears, grizzly bears, and other coastal wildlife.

Great Bear Rainforest Lodge Grizzly Bear Expedition

This Tour is part of a Multi-Night Package to Great Bear Rainforest Lodge
Duration for Lodge Package: 4 or 7 nights
Season: Mid-May to Mid-October
Transportation: Boat (option for Float Plane to Lodge)

Discover the Great Bear Rainforest in the central coast of BC on a world-class wildlife viewing adventure. During this 4 or 7-nights package, savor the rare gift of close observation of grizzly bear living in their natural habitat. Be treated to wilderness-gourmet cuisine and soft beds at night at the remote floating Great Bear Lodge, located 50 air miles from Port Hardy, British Columbia.

Scheduled departures are offered from May to October, leaving by seaplane from Port Hardy

Morning and afternoon bear viewing sessions guided by a wildlife biologist, interpretive walks or boat excursions are included.

Prince Rupert, BC

The port city of Prince Rupert in Northern BC is an important hub for BC Ferries sailings to Vancouver Island and Queen Charlotte Islands as well as Alaska Marine Highway Ferries thru the famous Inside Passage to Alaska.

Situated amidst some of British Columbia’s most spectacularly untouched coastal wilderness, Prince Rupert is supremely located to provide visitors with access to the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Sanctuary either by a short boat trip or floatplane.

Prince Rupert Half-Day Grizzly Bear Expedition to the Khutzeymateen Valley by Float Plane

Duration: 4 hours 
Season: Mid-May to July
Transportation: Float Plane
Other: Needs 6 passengers minimum

Take off from Prince Rupert and fly through mountain passes to the Khutzeymateen. Landing at the lodge, you will dress warmly in flotation suits and head straight out on the boat in search of grizzly bears, bald eagles, seals and waterfalls. The tour includes an orientation by the BC Parks K’tzim-a-deen Rangers at the Visitor Centre in the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary where you learn about Tshimshian culture and history, and how the sanctuary is managed.

Prince Rupert Full-Day Grizzly Bear Expedition to the Khutzeymateen Valley by Boat

Duration: 7 hours 
Season: Mid-May to July
Transportation: Boat

Board on a cruise to the famous Khutzeymateen “Valley of the Grizzly” to see grizzly bears in their natural environment. While travelling North through Chatham Sound, be fascinated with stories about the historic native villages and watch for porpoises, seals, sea lions, bald eagles, and blue herons as you learn first-hand about this diverse marine environment. Experience the pristine wilderness of the Khutzeymateen Valley, home to one of the highest concentrations of grizzly bears in North America. Tour includes light lunch.

Prince Rupert Multi-Night Grizzly Bear Expedition to the Khutzeymateen Floating Wilderness Lodge

Duration: 3 nights 
Season: May to September
Transportation: Float Plane

Climb into a floatplane and take off from Prince Rupert, BC for a 20-minute flight over the mountains and inlets to the Khutzeymateen. Spend 3 nights at the Khutzeymateen Lodge right inside the park. No roads, no towns … just wilderness and wildlife. The days are filled with searching for grizzly bears in the lush Khutzeymateen Inlet and estuary with bald eagles, seabirds and seals.

5-6 hours are spent every day exploring and bear viewing.

At the lodge you can relax by the fire, take out a kayak or paddle board, have a wood-fired sauna or fish off the dock – fishing gear is provided, you just need a tidal waters fishing licence.

The tour package includes:

    • Floatplane flights to and from Prince Rupert, BC
    • 3 nights at the lodge. Private cozy bedrooms with views of the ocean and the rainforest
    • All meals, snacks and drinks (wine and beer are served with dinner) while at the lodge
    • Twice daily boat trips

Port McNeill, BC

Port McNeill is only 43 scenic kilometre south of Port Hardy. The charming small town is known as the gateway to the myriad of scenic islands, protected spaces and mazy waterways of the Broughton Archipelago, Port McNeill is a great stepping-stone to outdoor adventure. Vancouver Island North’s second-largest community proudly co-exists with the rich natural resources of land and sea.

Port McNeill Grizzly Expedition to Great Bear Rainforest

Duration: 8-9 hours
Season: End of May to October
Transportation: Boat

Departing by small boat from Port McNeill on Vancouver Island, this full day excursion offers the opportunity to visit the Great Bear Rainforest on traditional territories with Indigenous guides, in search for grizzly bears. As every season and day is different, the route will be adjusted to give the best and optimal grizzly viewing experience, travelling to places such as Knight Inlet, Bond Sound, Thompson Sound, or Hoeya Sound.

Following grizzly bear viewing and a catered lunch, you will head into the Broughton Archipelago and Blackfish Sound. Here you might encounter the gentle giants of the Pacific: migrating humpback whales.

The excursion includes boat transportation, Naturalist Aboriginal guides, breakfast, lunch, snacks, and drinks

Stewart, BC / Hyder, AK

Travelling in Northern British Columbia all the way to the small towns of Stewart, BC and Hyder, AK at the southern frontier to Alaska is an adventure considered by many as one of the best-kept secrets in Western Canada. 

Stewart/Hyder Bear Viewing

Past Hyder, at Fish Creek, enjoy a unique natural spectacle taking place from mid-July to September. Observe both black and grizzly bears in their natural habitat, fishing for chum and pink salmon that return to fresh waters of the creek to spawn.

Complete your day by advancing even further and deeper into the alpine wilderness, past numerous former gold and silver mines, until you reach the mighty Salmon Glacier, whose glittering ice masses will simply take your breath away.

Anchorage, AK

Anchorage Half-Day Brown Bear Expedition at Redoubt Bay

Duration: 6 hours
Season: July to August
Transportation: Float Plane

Located 70 miles southwest of Anchorage near the beautiful entrance of Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, Redoubt Bay is home to one of the most concentrated and viewable bear populations in the state of Alaska. This guided, fly-out Alaska bear watching trip takes you to Redoubt Bay Lodge, a small rustic handmade lodge situated in a 171,000-acre critical habitat area.

After a scenic flight from Anchorage, your trip begins with bear viewing from a covered pontoon boat. Your experienced naturalist guides you through the chain of Big River Lakes, host to sockeye and Coho salmon runs and popular feeding site for resident bear.

The tour includes a homemade lunch in the cozy, rustic Redoubt Bay Lodge.

Anchorage Full-Day Brown Bear Expedition at Lake Clark National Park

Duration: 11 hours
Season: Mid-July to Mid-September
Transportation: Float Plane

Experience Alaska’s wilderness landscape in Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, situated at the headwaters of Bristol Bay. Over four million acres, the Park encompasses volcanoes, jagged mountains, glaciers, wild rivers, waterfalls and diverse Alaska wildlife populations.

After an hour and ten-minute stunning flightseeing tour via floatplane from Anchorage to Lake Clark National Park and Preserve, your expert pilot will land at Redoubt Mountain Lodge, located on the incredible blue Crescent Lake. Upon arrival you’ll meet your knowledgeable bear viewing guide who will escort you by covered pontoon boat to lakeside areas where bears feed on spawning wild Alaska salmon.

You’ll never forget your visit to one of America’s most inaccessible national parks!

The tour includes a homemade lunch in the rustic lodge located in Lake Clark National Park.

Homer, AK

Homer is not only famous for its Salmon and Halibut fishing but also for flightseeing with a bush-pilot to Katmai National Park or Lake Clark for bear viewing. Daily cruises for Marine Wildlife Tours to look for Otters and Puffins are also offered.

Just a short flight from Homer is Katmai National Park, one of the most densely populated brown bear areas in the world.

Homer Grizzly Bear Expedition to Katmai or Lake Clark National Park

Duration: 5 hours (including 2 hours flight)
Season: Mid-May to early September
Transportation: Plane

Fly across the Cook Inlet to either Katmai National Park or Lake Clark National Park, accompanied by an experienced bush-pilot who will be your bear viewing guide. From the air, enjoy spectacular views of active volcanoes, scenic wilderness and majestic glaciers. Your plane will land on a remote beach, just a short walk away from where brown bears can be admired in their natural habitat.

Black Bears

Black Bears inhabit both Eastern and Western Canada and are frequently seen in the Rocky Mountains and along the coastlines of the Pacific.

Tofino, BC

Travelling in Northern British Columbia all the way to the small towns of Stewart, BC and Hyder, AK at the southern frontier to Alaska is an adventure considered by many as one of the best-kept secrets in Western Canada. 

Tofino Bear Watching

Duration: 2.5 hours
Season: April to October
Transportation: Boat

Watching bears in the wilderness is always an awe-inspiring experience and exploring British Columbia’s spectacular coastal shorelines for sights of black bears is a rewarding experience you don’t want to miss.

Departing Tofino on the West Coast on Vancouver Island, this quieter 2 1/2-hour bear watching tour by boat lets you explore the calmer inlets and sheltered bays of the Clayoquot Sound from the comfort and safety of a 24” zodiac vessel. Observe coastal black bears that are often spotted during low tide as they come out of the rainforest in search of food and forage for crabs, clams and barnacles.  Besides black bears, you will likely spot other animals like seals, sea otters, bald eagles and enjoy an unforgettable coastal journey.

Polar Bears

Discover these majestic creatures with tours departing from Churchill, Manitoba and Fairbanks, Alaska. We are partnered with operators that allow for expeditions to see Polar Bears in their natural habitat. These multi-day experiences will be life changing as you step into their world and truly immerse yourself in their environment.

Churchill, MB

Sitting on the edge of the Hudson Bay, built on deep Indigenous roots and home to Canada’s most iconic wildlife, the town of Churchill is a must-visit destination for those who seek an authentic Canadian adventure!

Churchill Polar Bear Expedition

Duration: 9 hours
Season: October to mid-November
Transportation: Tundra Buggy

An Autumn Tundra Buggy Day Tour is the best and safest way to view polar bears in their natural environment. Watch for other wildlife, like arctic hare, fox, gyrfalcon, snowy owl and ptarmigan. This excursion includes expert interpretation about wildlife and the subarctic ecosystems in the Churchill Wildlife Management Area. You will have the opportunity to explore the open tundra while your Tundra Buggy Driver discusses the effects of tides, currents and ice formation on the polar bear.

Tour includes a light meal on Tundra Buggy

Fairbanks, AK

Situated in the heart of the Tanana Valley, Fairbanks is the “Gateway to the Arctic”, a city with a long history dating back to the late 1800’s and the discovery of gold. 

Fairbanks Polar Bear Expedition

Duration: 11 hours
Season: End of August to September
Transportation: Plane & Boat

Enjoy one of the most unique experiences in the world. Fly to the Inupiat Eskimo village of Kaktovik, of about 200 residents. Located along the coast of the Arctic Ocean on Barter Island, one of the most remote places in Alaska, Katovik is the only village within the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. From the air you might see caribou herds and polar bears.

After a lunch at the Marsh Creek Inn, join a Coast Guard licenced boat captain on a water viewing expedition to the barrier islands where polar bears are observed in their natural habitat.

Whale and Marine Wildlife

From watching beluga whales in Eastern Canada’s St. Lawrence River to observing orca and humpback whales in Western Canada’s Pacific Ocean, whale watching tours are always a fascinating and memorable way to experience the gentle giants in their natural habitat.

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver Whale Watching Tour

Season: April – October
Duration: 3- 5 hours

For many, a trip to the West Coast is synonymous with a whale watching experience in the Pacific Ocean.

Highlight your Vancouver stay with an exhilarating half-day whale watching tour departing from Vancouver’s downtown Granville Island location. You’ll explore and cruise through the beautiful Howe Sound and the Strait of Georgia aboard a high-speed, custom luxury catamaran which will take on a spectacular fully-guided 3-5 hour marine adventure and enjoy breathtaking coastal vistas, expert commentaries and sightings of orca whales and other marine wildlife.

Ask us about how to add this on to your trip, and how Canadian Travel Partners can save you time and money when handling your bookings.

Victoria, BC

Victoria Whale Watching

Season: April to October
Duration: 3 hours

This adventurous 3-hour whale watching tour through the waters of Vancouver Island’s marine ecosystem is a spectacular adventure tour that will take you through some of the most breathtaking marine scenery British Columbia has to offer. The most commonly seen whales include Orcas, Humpbacks, Minkes, and sometimes Gray whales.

Tours depart from Victoria’s Inner Harbour and are available by speedy zodiac or by covered boat that provide spacious comfort, a heated cabin with washroom and viewing decks outside and inside with plenty of seating.

Ask us about how to add this on to your trip, and how Canadian Travel Partners can save you time and money when handling your bookings.

Tofino, BC

Tofino Whale Watching

Season: April to October
Duration: 3 hours

Highlight your stay on the West Coast with an adventurous 3-hour whale watching tour by zodiac or covered boat in the pristine waters of the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere.

A truly iconic experience, a whale watching tour reveals spectacular coastal scenery and lets you watch marine mammals like orca, humpback and grey whales, sea otters, and sea lions in their natural environment.

Ask us about how to add this on to your trip, and how Canadian Travel Partners can save you time and money when handling your bookings.

Campbell River, BC

Campbell River Whale Watching Tour

Season:           May to September
Duration:         3.5 hours

Take a spectacular 3.5-hour whale watching safari and marine wildlife tour departing Campbell River or Quadra Island for an iconic and memorable Canadian experience.

Cruising through the waters surrounding the Discovery Islands at the Northeast coast of Vancouver is an adventure that the lets you experience not just spectacular coast scenery diverse marine wildlife, but also revel at the rich cultural history of the region.

Select a tour aboard a speedy zodiac style boat or cruise in comfort of a covered boat with multiple viewing decks and comfortable seating. All tours are guided by professional marine naturalist who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and will make the tour a safe and entertaining experience for all guests.

Ask us about how to add this on to your trip, and how Canadian Travel Partners can save you time and money when handling your bookings.

Telegraph Cove, BC

Telegraph Cove Whale Watching

Season: April to October
Duration: 3 hours

Telegraph Cove is a small picturesque fishing village nested between the ocean and the rainforest on the northern part of Vancouver Island and attracts visitors with a special wilderness flair. Its preserved historic buildings recall the village’s past as an important salmon saltery.

Telegraph Cove is a departure point for spectacular 3-hour whale watching excursions in the Johnstone Strait.  Tours are full guided by marine naturalist and depart with by 12-passenger open-air zodiac boat or by semi-covered comfortable cruiser boats. You’ll navigate the waters around the Broughton Archipelago in search of orca and humpback whales and other marine animals.

This tour is a quintessential Canadian experience you don’t want to miss.

Ask us about how to add this on to your trip, and how Canadian Travel Partners can save you time and money when handling your bookings.

Prince Rupert, BC

Prince Rupert Whale Watching Tour

Season:           End of July to end of September
Duration:         4 hours

Travelling in Norther British Columbia lets you experience Western Canada’s remote wilderness on an entirely different level.

In the late summer to mid-September, cruise the waters of the North Coast’s sheltered Inside Passage on a 4-hour exquisite whale watching tour from Prince Rupert.

Marvel at spectacular coastal scenery and watch diverse marine wildlife like for grey whales feeding on kelp beds and humpback whales waving their tail as they take a deep dive.

All tours embark aboard a comfortable 100-passenger catamaran.

Ask us about how to add this on to your trip, and how Canadian Travel Partners can save you time and money when handling your bookings.

Tadoussac, QC

Tadoussac Whale Watching

Season :          May to October
Duration:         3 hours

Experience a 3-hour whale watching tour departing from Tadoussac, a picturesque small town on the coast of Quebec located at the confluence of the Saguenay River and the St. Lawrence River. This region is considered one the best areas in the world to view beluga whales in their natural environment.

A whale watching tour in the salty waters of the St. Lawrence Estuary is a special experience and will reward you with seeing beluga whales and many other marine mammals like Minke whales and blue whales who come here to feed during the summer months.

Choose from tours aboard a Zodiac style vessel or from the comfort of a covered boat.

Ask us about how to add this on to your trip, and how Canadian Travel Partners can save you time and money when handling your bookings.

St. John's, NL

St. John's Whale & Puffin Watching Tour

Duration: 2 hours
Season: May to early September (whale sightings are highest in July)

St. John’s is one of the oldest cities in Canada. The historic town center with its brightly painted wooden houses and numerous narrow streets is reminiscent of times long past.

Newfoundland and Labrador is one of the most spectacular whale watching places on earth. The world’s largest population of humpback whales return each year to feed along the coast and another 21 species of whales and dolphins return with along with them, including the minke, sperm, pothead, blue and orca.

Cruise to the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve, home to the largest Atlantic puffin colony in North America and millions of other seabirds. Humpback whales breach right in front of your eyes, a breathtaking moment that you will always remember.

Ask us about how to add this on to your trip, and how Canadian Travel Partners can save you time and money when handling your bookings.

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