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Thinking about winter travel in Canada? The kaleidoscope of winter activities is as colourful and versatile as Canada’s many landscapes and regions.

While skiing holidays in the Rocky Mountains or anywhere in Canada’s many ski resorts certainly are of great appeal to many travellers, Canada offers so many more incredible winter activities that make a winter trip to Canada the perfect time of year to travel.  

From snowshoeing in the mountains or dogsledding through winter wonderland to ice climbing in frozen canyons and soaking in natural hot springs, the opportunities for a memorable winter journey are literally boundless.  

Seeing the natural wonders of Niagara Falls dipped in snow and ice is a magical experience.

Skating on the world’s largest outdoor skating rink, the beautiful Ottawa Rideau Canal, is an experience not to be missed.

Play a game of ice hockey on a frozen lake and celebrate Canada’s most popular national sport like Canadians do. Skating on Lake Louise in the Rocky Mountains or on many other lakes is a quintessential Canadian experience.

Taste Canada’s popular maple tuffey and see how snow adventures can turn into culinary treats.  

Come join us in the snow and embrace winter in Canada.

CANADIAN TRAVEL PARTNERS creates unforgettable journeys for group tour and individual  travellers. Let us help you create your perfect Canadian winter vacation. 

Suggested Winter Trip Ideas

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