Our Story

Canadian Travel Partners was founded in 1995, with the goal of delivering exceptional travel services to group and individual travellers wanting to explore Canada and the United States. Built on a long-standing history in the international tourism industry, Canadian Travel Partners  has proudly been family owned and operated since its inauguration and continues to serve the international marketplace by delivering excellent travel experiences in Canada, Alaska and parts of the US.

What started out as a passion for travelling, photography, exploring nature, and encountering wildlife, led to the creation of Canadian Travel Partners as a way to share these experiences with people from all over the world. We are passionate about creating unique travel itineraries, programs and experiences through Canada for anyone, from individuals, to families, to groups, to companies.

Over the years, Canadian Travel Partners has welcomed thousands of international travelers to Canada and the United States by connecting with international travel agents and tour operators, and arranging extraordinary land services for both Group travel and Individual Travel (FIT’s).

It has always been a dream of ours to offer these services directly to travelers in addition to our existing international tourism partners. As of 2021, we have made that dream a reality as we are now arranging trips for travelers from around the world. It is an absolute pleasure to have this opportunity to help you with your dream vacation.

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