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If you would like to explore Canada on your own, we offer a multitude of self-drive itineraries that let you discover Canada’s nature and vast open spaces, its immense wilderness and abundant wildlife and its many fascinating places from coast to coast.

Our collection of selfdrive itineraries is meant to provide some guidance and inspiration to build your own customized self-drive trip.

No matter where the road will take you, from Atlantic Canada, to Quebec and Ontario, or from the Rockies to the Pacific Ocean, we are sure that you’ll fall in love with Canada and will carry a piece of this beautiful land home with you.

Enhance your self-drive journey with some add-on adventure options that personalize your trip and make it feel that much more magical and memorable.

Suggested Self drive Trip Ideas

All of our suggested tour itineraries can be customized to your specific needs and may be used as a guideline to design your own trip.

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